HP Laptop Keyboard not Working

It can be a very frustrating situation when you suddenly get to know that the keys on your HP laptop keyboard are not working. Not only will your time be wasted, your work will also get hampered. So how to find a permanent solution when your HP laptop keyboard not working? Is your HP laptop keyboard not working? Are you too facing the same dilemma as thousands of HP users? Worry not! We are here to provide you with reliable tips to troubleshoot the issues with your HP laptop keyboard. Here, we have provided some effective solutions to solve this error quickly.

HP Laptop Keyboard not Working-2

What Causes HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working

  • A faulty driver is installed – It may happen that your Windows version does not support this installed driver or the driver is simply faulty. So, your keyboard may not work until it is uninstalled.
  • Using older driver versions– Outdated keyboard drivers are another possible reason for keyboard not working. You should update your keyboard driver.
  • Damaged keys – It might also be possible that the keys are damaged due to some physical cause. Your keys may go out of work if the laptop is pretty old.

Beside these reasons, any mis-configuration or mistake in the setup process may also cause this issue of HP laptop keyboard not working. So you need to check each and every aspect carefully.

What To Do If HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working?

There are some trusted ways to fix the issue of HP laptop keyboard not working. Here we are providing some tried and tested methods that shall definitely help you in solving this keyboard related problems.

Perform A Clean Boot

Rebooting is unarguably one of the best ways to correct any kind of keyboard related faults. At certain times, you may find that your system is lagging or freezing too much and you cannot write anything from your keyboard. In such a situation, rebooting is the best way to resolve this issue. This process clears up the internal bugs and refreshes your system as well.

HP Laptop Keyboard not Working | Reinstall Keyboard Driver

Another method is to reinstall the keyboard driver after uninstalling it. Go to Control Panel and select the Device Manager option. From there you can uninstall the keyboard driver. After uninstalling, simply reboot your laptop and the drivers will be reinstalled.

Update Keyboard Driver

Sometimes new keyboard driver updates are released and the support for older versions is lifted off. You can update your keyboard driver by going to the keyboard options under Control Panel>Device Manager. From there search for and install any updates to your keyboard driver.

Reset Keyboard Settings

To fix the HP laptop keyboard not working issue, you can also choose to reset the keyboard settings. To do this, go to the Start icon and select the Settings option. After that, click on Time & Language button and select the Region & Language button present on the left side of the pane. Make sure that the default language is set to English (United States). Then choose reset to default to reset your keyboard settings.

These are some of the tried and tested tips to solve the issue of HP laptop keyboard not working. If these methods are not able to give you satisfactory solutions, then there may be a hardware issue. Come over to your nearest The FIX shop for effective and permanent solution to your problem.