All devices and device parts have a mechanical life. Some parts of the iPhone, which are caused by using them, maybe damaged and even become unusable over time. One of these parts is the power button. The power switch may become damaged over time or break for any reason. Sometimes the power button may be disabled due to a software problem. So, how to turn off iPhone without screen?

In this case, you may not be able to turn off your device at any time and lock it at any time. You don’t have to worry anymore if you have faced such a situation. Because you can overcome this problem, albeit temporarily. Now we share with you how to solve this problem.

Assistive Touch

On iOS, Assistive Touch acts as a virtual key on the screen of your iPhone. With Assistive Touch, you can perform the function of the home button, lock your iPhone, take a screenshot of your phone, and more. You can even use the Assistive Touch to create a virtual power button if your phone’s power button doesn’t work.

How to activate Assistive Touch?

  • Open the Settings section of your iPhone.
  • Go to General >> Accessibility.
  • Finally, tap to activate the Assistive Touch.

You can now see the Assistive Touch, a virtual button on the screen of your iPhone. You can position the Assistive Touch anywhere on the screen of your phone. Just hold the virtual key and drag it. This may be an answer to the question of how to turn off iPhone without screen.

Locking and Turning Off iPhone with Assistive Touch

  1. Go to Settings > General and open Assistive Touch.
  2. Touch the Customize Top Menu button.
  3. You will see the Assistive Touch menu. Here you can add new options.
  4. Then tap to open the Assistive Touch.

Touching the Lock screen button once will lock the screen of your iPhone. If you long-press this button, you will see the screen to turn off the iPhone. Here you can also turn off your phone by sliding the virtual power switch.

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