The open-source Android operating system, which is the most popular name in the smartphone world, continues to increase the interest of technology lovers day by day. While Samsung does not have a built-in screen video recording application, most users ask how to screen record on the Samsung S8?

On-screen video recording on Android can be done quite simply and easily, you first need to visit the Google Play Store app store, and then you need an extra app to capture videos on-screen on the Samsung S8.

To do so, go to the Google Play Store and search for a screen video recorder or screen video capture to download the app for your needs. This application is free to record in Full HD resolution, without any time limitation can record video. If you are wondering how to screen record on Samsung s8, keep reading our article.

Screenshot with Motion Sensor for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Another option is to use the motion sensor;

·        Firstly, go to the Settings > Advanced Features,

·         Among the on-screen options, activate the Swipe with palm to capture the screen.

Then open the screen you want to take a screenshot and move your hand vertically to your Samsung Galaxy S8, right or left so that your palm or back is not facing the screen and your fingertips are on the top of the phone.

This will take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S8. When you’re already taking a screenshot, you’ll see a sound similar to the sound when you’re taking a picture, and you’ll see a notification in the notification area at the top of the main screen that you’re taking a screenshot.

Where is Samsung Galaxy S8 screen recording saved?

On a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone, the screenshot is always saved in the Gallery. When you enter the gallery, you can perform any operations on the screenshots saved here.

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