How To Screen Record On iPhone

Have you ever seen a video on Instagram that you liked too much and wanted to record it? Or is your phone showing some malfunctions and you want to record exactly what is happening in your phone. Or maybe you just want to guide someone how to use an app and want to record the on screen process. If any of these situations ring true then you should definitely learn how to screen record on iPhone. Using the screen record function, you can record anything happening on your iPhone screen. This can be very useful in numerous situations. Here’s how to screen record on iPhone.


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First of all, before beginning to screen record on your iPhone, you need to enable it by adding it to your phone’s Control Center. After that is done, you need to figure out which button begins the screen record as the procedure for starting the screen recording depends upon the version of iOS that you are using.

Turn on the ability to record your screen

Touch the Settings icon to access the settings and then go to “Control Center.” From there select “Customize Controls.”

From there locate “Screen Recording”. If it isn’t present in the section labeled as Include, then touch the green plus sign next to it. This will move the screen recording option to the “Include” section.

After you are done with recording your iPhone’s screen, you can let the Screen Recording be in the Control Center or you can return back here and tap on the red minus sign to remove it.

How To Screen Record On iPhone | Record your screen

Go to the app or the screen which you want to record from.

Swipe upwards from the bottom portion of the screen and pull up the Control Center. If you are using an iPhone X or later, or using an iPad with iOS version 12 or later, you’ll need to swipe down from the top right corner of the screen and pull down the Control Center.

Tap on the Record button to begin recording.

A three second countdown will begin after which the Record button will become red and everything you do on the screen will begin to be recorded. This will continue even if you close the Control Center. You’ll get to know about the recording status by the time indicator on the upper left corner of the screen that will be in red. 

Once you are done with the recording and want to stop recording, then tap the red time indicator at the upper left part of the screen and then tap “Stop” to stop recording.

If you wish to narrate the audio for your recording, then long press on the red record button. The Screen Recording options will open up from where you can change or add any audio source. Tap on the Microphone icon to change it from microphone off to microphone on and then tap on the record button to start recording.

These were the simple steps which you need to follow if you want to know how to screen record on iPhone. In this article we have explained how to screen record on iPhone