We know that the old operating system only allows you to take screenshots, so you can easily record your screen movements without the need for any additional applications. Read on to find out how to screen record on iPhone.

     Enable iOS screen recording

  • You must enable the recording function before you start screen recording your iPhone.
  • First, go to your device’s Settings.
  • Then go to the Control Center and scroll down until you see Screen Saving.

     Control Center

  • Then click the green ‘‘+’’ button next to Screen Recording to add it to the Control Center.

     Screen Recording

  • Start screen recording
  • After activating the screen recorder, you can now take a snapshot of your screen.
  • Open your Control Center by swiping your iPhone screen from the bottom up.
  • Find and click the save icon.
  • Start screen recording

     Recording microphone sound

  • If you want to record the sound from your microphone, touch and hold the Recording icon.
  • You will see a new window coming up. On your device, click the Microphone icon to activate the microphone and finally select the Start Recording button to record screenshots.

     Recording microphone sound

  • Stop screen recording
  • Your phone has two ways to stop recording.
  • The first is to touch the status bar at the top of the screen. In the window that will open, tap Stop.

     Stop screen recording

Another way is to open the Control Center and touch and hold the Registration icon. Then touch the Stop Recording button.

     Editing recorded video

  • To edit your file, go to the Photos application on your device, and then select the video.
  • Click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • To cut files, touch and hold the anchor icons on both sides, then move them left or right.
  • The highlighted section shows the portion that remains after cropping the file.
  • When finished, click ‘‘done’’.

Tips for How to Screen Record on iPhone

Due to restrictions on iOS devices, the question of how to screen record on iPhone comes to mind and it is very difficult to find a fully working display program. They are all involved in unsuccessful applications in one aspect. That’s why you need to pay attention.

Of course, you should use an application with high resolution. You should also choose an application that supports different video formats and can record from different audio sources for proper operation. In addition, you should use a program that can record your device’s movements properly in portrait or landscape when rotating the screen.

Another important thing to consider about how to screen record iPhone is the performance of your phone and how much storage you need to pay attention to.

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