How to Replace iPhone 6 Screen

iPhone 6 is a pretty costly phone and can cost a lot if its screen needs to be replaced. If the screen of your iPhone goes out of order and you require iPhone 6 screen replacement, then it can cost you a lot. If you are also looking for how to replace iPhone 6 screen by yourself, then today’s article is for you. Knowing how to replace iPhone 6 screen can help you a lot in saving money while ensuring trustworthy screen replacement.

How to Replace iPhone 6 Screen | Phone Repair Solutions | The Fix

We are presenting you with the ultimate guide on how to replace iPhone 6 screen all by yourself. Simply follow the steps below:

How to Replace iPhone 6 Screen

  • Switch off your iPhone and remove the two 3.4 mm screws from the bottom edge of the iPhone.
  • If the display glass is broken, then apply tape over it to prevent further breakage and bodily harm during your repair.
  • Apply medium heat with the help of a hair dryer to the bottom edge of the iPhone. This applied heat softens the adhesive that holds the display in place and makes removing it easier.
  • Put on a suction cup on the bottom left corner of the display assembly while taking care not to place it over the home button.
  • Apply firm and constant pressure to pull the suction cup and create a small gap between the front panel and the rear case. Use just enough force to create a slight gap as pulling too hard may damage the components.
  • Insert the flat edge of a spudger in the gap created and try to pry open the device.
  • If required, then twist and turn the spudger to increase the gap between the front panel and the back part of the iPhone.
  • Again insert the spudger in the opposite side and slide to remove the adhesive and pop open the clips.
  • Pull the suction cup to lift up and open the display, removing the last of the joints. But be careful not to open the display more than 90° as the connections may break if stretched too much.
  • Open up all the connections from the display to the logic board to free the broken screen from the rest of the phone.
  • Remove the digitizer cable by lifting and pulling it straight up from its connecting socket on the logic board of your iPhone.
  • Then open up the screws on the home button assembly and open it. Be careful not to mix up the different screws.
  • Then remove the old screen from the device and install a new screen in its place. Connect the home button and the digitizer cable. 
  • Then follow the steps in reverse to reassemble your iPhone.

Now you know how to replace iPhone 6 screen on your own. If at any point you feel that you need some professional assistance, feel free to come to The FIX to get your iPhone 6 screen replaced by the most qualified experts at highly affordable prices. You will be highly satisfied by our services.