We perform iPhone screen repair and processes at your TheFixSolutions service with great speed to ensure that our users do not have any problems. Screen malfunctions are one of the most annoying malfunctions on smartphones and are the most difficult to repair. So, how much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen?

iPhone phone screens are one of the most important parts of the devices, the most energy-consuming and the most important part of the process. In the event of a screen malfunction, the device becomes almost completely dysfunctional and the user becomes a victim.

In the case of iPhone screen breakage, users either buy a new device or repair the broken screen. Today we will share important information about the repair of a broken phone screen. First of all, we want to talk about the structure of the screens so that we can better explain the breakdowns and repair processes.

What are the stages of iPhone Screen Repair?

iPhone screens generally consist of 2 main layers. These layers are popularly known as windscreen and touch panel. In some cases, only the windscreen breaks, in some cases the touch panel breaks, or both the windscreen and touch panel can break.

No matter which component of the screen is broken, it is the right decision for your device to make a complete screen replacement as the windscreen or touch panel replacement parts are usually manufactured from the supplier industry and mounted on your phone.

Therefore, you should make a complete and original screen replacement, in order not to cause further problems in your device and to save money in the long term. At TheFixSolutions, we only replace the original and guaranteed complete display. In this way, none of our users have any problems with screen switching.

You have to make sure that the screen replacement is made with original parts and is a guaranteed replacement. In addition, receiving invoices at the end of the transaction is very important in terms of getting free support for problems that aren’t caused by you in the future processes.

Non-original screens; touch sensitivity problems, dead pixels on the screen, yellowing and the slightest impact causes problems such as breaking.

These screen failures are generally caused by impact, electrical short circuit, fluid contact, and battery swelling. As TheFixSolutions, we make the fault detection in a short time to determine the average repair cost in order to repair the screen faults. If you accept the cost of malfunction repair, we will repair your device as soon as possible and begin the process.

It is not possible to give a specific price because the iPhone screen malfunction varies. After reviewing our service we offer you price information. If you think how much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen, contact us immediately and we’ll help you.

If you repair the most important part of your iPhone with the quality of TheFixSolutions, we perform it with a very detailed repair process in order to avoid any problems due to our customer satisfaction principle.

You can contact us immediately to have all kinds of external repairs such as iPhone screen repair in front of your eyes. In this article, we have clarified the question of how much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen for you.

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