Computers are sensitive and complex devices. From this perspective, many people look at these complex devices with fearful eyes. If you are having problems with computer repair, you can get support from us for computer repair near my location.

Computer Malfunctions Related to Screen and Display

If a number of stains appear on your computer monitor, the pixels of your monitor, which remain on continuously, are distorted from displaying the same image continuously. These marks are the traces of the image that was previously permanently turned on. There is practically no chance of repairing a monitor that has reached this point.

Sometimes video cards can cause unexpected failures. These cards can be affected by the motherboard when it is installed in slots called PCI slots. Just because of video card malfunctions, sometimes motherboards can go to trash without even knowing. Let us briefly explain this situation. CPU, ram, even if you connect the hard disk to the computer, even if the computer freezes for a few minutes, we recommend that you remove the video card inserted into the PCI slot and try without a video card. Probably the problem will be solved. If your problem is not solved, you can contact us to search for computer repair near my location.

Keyboard and Mouse Related Computer Malfunctions

If you have problems with your computer keyboard or mouse, there are a few things you can do about it. In this case, turn your computer on and off. If the problem persists, change the mouse or the USB input port on your keyboard. Open and close again. If the problem still persists, try another keyboard or mouse. If it works with another mouse or keyboard, get a new mouse or keyboard without wasting much time. Because mouse or your keyboard is corrupted.

CPU Related Computer Faults

Does your computer freeze in an instant? Does your computer shut down suddenly? Unplug the computer’s power cord immediately. Open the case and check that the fan on the CPU rotates freely.

Computer Related Malfunctions

You heard a beep when you turned on your computer! Immediately check that the RAM is fully seated. If your problem is still not resolved, replace the slot in which the RAM is installed. If this did not solve your problem, there is a section that counts the amount of RAM on the screen while your computer is booting.

Computer Failures Related to Harddisk

Does it crash again soon after installing the operating system? Don’t you get rid of the blue screens, no matter how hard you try? Even if you want to format the hard drive, can’t you? If you have these symptoms, your hard drive may be defective. Especially if the operating system crashes on its own (making sure it is not a virus), your hard drive may be defective. If your hard drive is faulty, there is usually not much you can do for it. The best thing you can do is recover your valuable data immediately. Then get rid of that disk without wasting much time. Otherwise, your experience in installing an operating system will increase.

TheFixSolutions is at your disposal for these types of computer repairs! For any questions you may have, you can reach us here and get technical support. If you are looking for computer repair near my location, please contact us.


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