Game Console Repair

Game Console Repair

Are you dealing with a game console problem? Get it fixed at The FIX. We provide an extensive selection of game console repair services at unbeatable pricing.

Video game console problems can be frustrating for gamers. We understand that you have spent a lot of money on a new video game system. This is why we make sure we offer our customers affordable console repair.

Before we fix your game console, we carefully examine it to identify the cause of the issue and come up with an effective solution. Console examination is always free. It will help you decide whether you want to continue with the repair or not. We leave the final decision up to you.


At The FIX, our trained, experienced technicians can detect and fix a wide range of Xbox game console issues. These include malfunctioning disk drives, Red Ring of Death, storage issues, and much more.

Whether you require complete repair for Xbox One console or a quick checkup for your Xbox 360, bring it over to our store and we will fix it right there and then.


Our professional technicians use cutting edge techniques and tools to repair a variety of PlayStation issues, such as Yellow Light of Death, audio problems, malfunctioning or damaged motherboard, and more.

Stop by at our store near you and we will fix the issue it on site.


Having a problem with a Nintendo console? You can trust The FIX for prompt and effective repair service.  Our professional technicians can handle any repair that comes their way.

At The FIX, we can assure you that your gaming consoles are in safe hands. We stock a wide inventory of PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox parts in our store to ensure we can repair consoles on time.

The FIX takes pride in running more than 100 stores and kiosks across the country. Visit a location near you to get your console fixed and get back to gaming fast! We provide same-day repair service for minor issues with consoles.

Game Console Repair Near You

Find game console repair near you. The FIX is a trustworthy source for all your game console repair needs. From overheating to games freezing, we can resolve any game console issue.

Our certified and trained team listens to every customer’s requirements and assesses their console to provide result-oriented repair solutions.

Not only do we fix broken or damaged game consoles, we also offer spare parts for sale.

If your game console needs repair, speak to our technicians at our store. They can answer all your questions.

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