Computer Repair

Computer Repair

If you’re looking for dependable PC repair solutions, The FIX can help! We’ve all faced computer repair problems from time to time. Computer issues, no matter how small, can cause a great deal of disturbance and inconvenience to users.

The FIX carries out an array of desktop PC repair services, including;

  • Virus removal,
  • Hard drive repair and upgrades,
  • Operating system repair,
  • Data recovery and backup,
  • Memory upgrade,
  • Speaker, LCD and charge port repair,
  • Water damage,
  • System cleanup and more


The FIX provides computer repair services for a wide range brands, including but not limited to, HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, and Asus. From desktop PCs to Chromebook—no matter the device, we can fix it in no time.

Our repair service starts with a quick, thorough diagnosis of your computer to determine the extent of damage and best course of action for ensuring your PC is up and running.

Thereafter, we offer customers a fair repair service estimate. Delivering top quality service is our top priority. We leave no stone unturned in providing our customers with fast and reasonable services.

Based on the extent of repair work, our professional technicians can fix slow, malfunctioning and damaged desktop PCs in 30 minutes. If it’s a complex problem, repair may take longer.

Our trained, experienced PC repair technicians know different computer manufacturers and models inside and out. They do everything they can to ensure that the prices are as low as possible. Rest assured, you can trust our team that they will successfully restore your computer.

The FIX also stocks a wide selection of computer parts and accessories, such as batteries, chargers and more. You don’t need to go anywhere for improving the speed, performance and condition of your desktop PC except for The FIX.

We have more than 100 stores, kiosks and carts across the country. All your desktop computer repairs are completed under one roof!

Find a store near you and simply drop in. You don’t need to set an appointment beforehand. Our friendly, professional staff makes sure that they accommodate your needs in the most efficient way possible.

Computer Repair Near You

For most of us, our personal computers are the backbones of our professional and personal lives. Whether you’re a student, a professional or an entrepreneur, a malfunctioning or slow personal computer can wreak havoc in your life.

Of course, when your PC breaks down, you want an expert to fix it. That is where we come in.

No matter what brand or model you are using, we offer comprehensive computer repair at budget-friendly pricing. Find effective and efficient computer repair service at The FIX.

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