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MacBooks are beautiful machines. They hardly get stuck, are not easily infected with viruses and have operating speeds to be reckoned with! It’s no wonder that many creative and high functioning professionals as well as students choose Mac Books over so many other options despite the steep prices!

Are they flawless?

If only. Like any other electronic device, every now and then, a MacBook can also glitch. This blog is for Mac owners who have experienced this, wanting to know how to fix their MacBooks. We have listed three extremely common problems associated with MacBooks and what you could do to troubleshoot them before seeking MacBook repair services.

Won’t Turn On

There are a number of reasons why your MacBook might not be turning on. Before looking into repair services, follow the steps below:

Make sure it’s not the Screen

In order to do this:

  • Listen for any sounds when you turn your MacBook on
  • Listen for the sound of the MacBook fan running
  • Look out for any of the device lights lighting up
  • Press CAPS or NUM Lock to see if the keyboard lights respond.

If there is no sound, no light and nothing is running, proceed to the next step.

It Could Be Power Trouble

If you’re sure it isn’t your LCD, it might just be a power fault. To check and work with this:

  • Make sure your power cable is fit snug into the socket
  • Make sure the cable is connected to a live power source
  • Disconnect all other attachments and cables from your device
  • Hold down the power button a bit more than ten seconds and let go.

If your device still does not turn on, contact a repair technician to avoid any further trouble.

Lagging or Hanging

At times MacBooks freeze or lag. When this occurs, there are a number of things you could try:

  • Make sure you don’t have too many background processes running. If so, close the extras.
  • Close all extra windows
  • Give your MacBook a minute to catch up on all the commands
  • Shut down and restart your system (especially if you do not do that often).
  • If the MacBook is stuck and cannot be shut down properly, wait a bit and then proceed to use the ten second hold and release technique.

If your device continues to hang and glitch after you have tried the above or does so more often than not, have it checked by a professional.

Wi-Fi or Charger Issues

Though these two are very different, fixes for both are quite simple:

MacBook Charger Problem and How to Deal with it


  • Check and restart router
  • Check and set Wi-Fi settings on MacBook
  • Turn airplane mode off
  • Go to networks and check connection types
  • Ensure the connection you are trying to use is active

If problems persist, get your MacBook looked at!


  • Check if socket is live
  • Check if current is flowing through cable (the icon should show you)
  • Make sure the charger fits snugly into your device
  • Make sure the charger is not damaged
  • Try using another charger

If your Mac does not charge despite all this, take it for repairs and get the battery looked at!


As we said, wonderful machines but like all others, Macs too can fall prey to problems and glitches! Never be aggressive with your devices. If you try the above and they do not work, let a professional handle it! This will prevent further system damage and data loss. It will also likely ensure you have your device fixed and good to use again!

The FIX is a repair service with a team of expert technicians that cater to a full range of electronic devices from phones, tablets and computers to cameras, hover boards and everything in between.



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